out of town

Chris Riffle's "Out of Town" is a tale of two coasts- and two lives- coming together. Artfully uniting his roots in Washington's mellow core scene with the gritty vibrance of New York's Lower East Side, Out of Town explores the dichotomies of life: the struggle to grow independently while establishing an identity alongside his husband, the love he has for living in a city that inspires him while also yearning for constant escape, and the implicit ups and downs that accompany being an artist.

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nothing but the waves

""Arresting" is arguably one of the best compliments a song can receive: a song powerful enough that gets you to stop for a minute; a song that miraculously forces you to pay attention; a song that moves you, that reminds you that there's still a part inside of you able to feel. NYC songwriter Chris Riffle's latest single "Nothing But the Waves" is such a song..." - THE DELI MAGAZINE

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shake me up

"Shake Me Up", the first single from the upcoming 11-track album, Out of Town, set to release April 2015. Produced by Jimi Zhivago (Ollabelle, Kim Taylor) and mastered at the Magic Shop (David Bowie, Arcade Fire), "Shake Me Up" blends Riffle's intimate vocals with Zhivago's hypnotically edgy sound. "Shake Me Up's" lyrics speak to a long-lasting relationship that manages to continuously stay fresh and grow.

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another dream

"There are six cuts here, including a tonally quite different take on Lennon & McCartney's And I Love Her, appearing as And I Love Him, but my favorite is the title track, positioned as the closer and a marvelously soporific gem of lullabye melodics, a fuller return to the Donovan/Nick Drake vibe more clearly evident in Chris' first release." -F.A.M.E.

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ep cover

"The big location change affected the singer-songwriter, who told CMJ that his upcoming I Am Not From Here EP is mostly about "living in New York City, but daydreaming about the countryside." -CMJ

Produced by Jimi Zhivago, engineered by Brian Thorn, and mixed at NYC's Magic Shop. Featuring cello by Julia Kent (Antony and the Johnsons) & drums by Blake Fleming (Mars Volta).

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Chris Riffle started work on this album with producer Jimi Zhivago in May of 2009, less than 2 years after moving to the big apple. He is featuring many NYC musicians, including (Antony and the Johnson's cello player) Julia Kent. This album has been recorded at The Maid's Room, the NY studio used for Patti Smith, Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainwright and many more. It was mixed by Grammy winners Steve Rosenthal and Brian Thorn at The Magic Shop.

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the sun is up "Speaking of the past, that first album which you self released in 2003 but actually recorded back in 1999, is really remarkable in the way that you honestly and matter-of-factly sing about guys - songs like 'Wonderboy' and 'XY Boy'. Not everyone would be comfortable doing that with their first release." - John Norris



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